seven year switch australia season 2 where are they now

Are Lachlan and Miranda still together?

Looking at the couples’ social media in August 2019, two-thirds of the couples have remained together. Lachlan Petch and Miranda Van Lieshout were seemingly still going strong, as were Kendrick Jefferson and Romina Anaquin, whose joint Instagram account indicated they were still a couple.

Did Kelsey and Dustin hook up?

“It felt like a stab to my heart,” she said. “I needed a break, and I got a break,” Dustin replied before insisting that while he and Kelsey talked about a lot of stuff, they never “did” stuff (as in, they never hooked up).

Are Felicity and Michael still together?

Felicity and Michael are still together following the reality TV show, with her saying, “While I had doubts at times. In my soul, I knew we would make it in the end.”

Did Dustin and Kelsey sleep together?

Unlike the other couples, they did sleep in the same bed, and the last comment Kelsey made to the camera before turning in was asking, “What would sex be like with Dustin?” Err … no comment.

Who got divorced on Seven Year Switch?

Seven Year Switch star Michelle Bingley reveals why she’s divorcing George after “brutal” split. “It was hell.” Seven Year Switch star Michelle Bingley has opened up about her divorce from husband George following their episode of the show earlier this week.

How many seasons of 7 Year Switch are there?

Seven Year Switch
No. of series2
No. of episodes23
Running time60-90 minutes
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Who is still together from 7 Year Switch?

Jackie and Tim. Image: Seven. Jackie and Tim are still together, and are currently enjoying celebrating their second Christmas with their toddler, Chadwick. The couple welcomed Chad in September 2016, after revealing their pregnancy on the Seven Year Switch finale.

Are Tim and Jackie still together?

And now, four years later, Jackie Martin and Tim Naughton have finally tied the knot. Jackie excitedly shared some images of their big day on Instagram on Wednesday, revealing the couple married in a beachside ceremony on the Gold Coast, surrounded by their children and close family and friends.

Are Brad and Tallena still together?

Former Seven Year Switch star Tallena Johnston cuddles up to her new boyfriend after split with husband Brad Clarke. She ended her 15-month marriage to husband Brad Clarke in 2017, following their failed stint on Seven Year Switch.

Did Leah and Neal divorce?

Neal and Leah Carney

Both mum on social media and now no longer together after splitting up their eight-year marriage on the show’s reunion special, not much is known about what’s going on with Leah and Neal Carney.

What happened to the couples on Seven Year Switch?

“Like I’ve said before we filmed over a year ago and me and Rachel have broken up,” Tom wrote on Twitter, breaking the “awkward” news. “Sometime[s] with all the best intentions from both parties things just don’t work out. I knew this would be the hardest episode to watch,” he concluded.

Is 7 Year Switch coming back?

Seven Year Switch Season 4: Has show been canceled or renewed by Lifetime? The Season 3 finale of Seven Year Switch reveals which couples stayed together and who decided it’s time to go their separate ways. … So far, there is no information regarding a Season 4 renewal or cancellation for Seven Year Switch.

Why is it called the Seven Year Switch?

Seven Year Switch is so named as a play on the common phrase “The Seven Year Itch.” The seven-year itch is a term used to describe the point in time that happiness and connection in a relationship declines.

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Where can I watch 7 Year Switch Season 1?

Currently you are able to watch “Seven Year Switch – Season 1” streaming on Lifetime, DIRECTV, IMDB TV Amazon Channel or for free with ads on Pluto TV, IMDB TV Amazon Channel. It is also possible to buy “Seven Year Switch – Season 1” as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video.

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